UL 508A Certification

Axis Controls (NW) Limited build electrical control panel for overseas customers, including those in the US and Canada requiring the compliance with the American codes and standards to accomodate the differences in power systems, voltages and frequencies. This is known as the National Electrical Code (NEC).

The NEC's main objective is safety, in particular fire prevention. The electrical codes focus on equipment installations and their use by employees. However, the codes also cover all areas of the production of industrial machines, from specification, design, building, through to installation and operation. To address this, Axis Controls work to the NEC’s UL508A Industrial Control Panels code.

UL508A Certification mark

UL508A certification is an industrial control panel directive, which is recognised by electrical inspectors. The UL508A Listing Mark on an industrial control panel provides evedence of third party certification to the inspection authority and the panel purchaser, showing that the panel complies with an acceptable safety standard.

Axis Controls have UL508A compliance certification, ensuring that all electrical control panels are properly designed, built, installed and used in a safe manner.