Safety Systems

Safety Systems

Sick Flexi Soft programmable safety solutions 

Since 2010, Axis Controls have been specifying and integrating the Sick Flexi Soft programmable modular safety controller system within our electrical control panel solutions. This is our 'go to' modular safety platform. 

The controller can grow on a module by module basis as a given task evolves. This means that Flexi Soft can be perfectly adapted to different applications, saving effort and unnecessary, expensive inputs. Expansion modules include: I/O, relays, motion, and communications.

Sick Flexi Soft

Siemens PROFIsafe 

As a Siemens systems integrator, Axis Controls can design tailored PLC based safety solutions for any industrial or manufacturing process. When designing complex machinery applications, Siemens PROFIsafe often proves to be the most economical solution for your business. 

We use the very latest products from the Siemens automation platform, including S7-1500F safety PLCs, ET-200SpF distributed safety I/O networks, and the G120 series of variable speed drives with PROFIsafe functionality as standard. 

Axis Controls have safety application engineers who would be happy to discuss any requirements or projects you may have.

Siemens PROFIsafe

Pilz Safety 

Axis Controls use standalone Pilz safety relays in most of our standard control panel designs, delivering certified safety. 
With our experience of practical safety systems, using the large range of Pilz safety products, we can design the right solution for your machine safety application. 

  • Safety relays
  • Guard switches
  • Gate switches
  • Light curtains

Read our case study to learn more about Pilz safety systems in operation. 

Pilz Safety
  • Safety solutions from Axis Controls

    Safety solutions from Axis Controls

  • Pilz safety solutions by Axis Controls

    Pilz safety solutions by Axis Controls

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